10 Reasons Real Estate Can Benefit from Drone Aerial Photography

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Do you remember those film scenes or ads in magazines where the camera pans over a stunning forest, luxurious mansion, gorgeous lake, or some other wide-sweeping landscape? Now, imagine that you can create a video like this by yourself, and today it’s possible!

Drone aerial photography allows you to capture that same kind of landmark footage, maybe without some Hollywood effects. You don’t even need a film crew – all you need is a remote-controlled drone, also called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and some affordable camera equipment. And patience, time and lots of time for practice. Or, on the other hand, you can hire a professional drone aerial photographer who will do all the hard work for you, so, in the end; you’ll get an amazing landmark footage and show off your property in the best possible light.


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Today, we will talk about ten major benefits of drone aerial photos (as well as videos), so you can see by yourself that even a few eye-catching pictures can drastically benefit your real estate business.

The Main Benefits of Drone Aerial Photography:

1. Meets real estate trends

2. Allows to show off properties that offer higher scenic value.

3. The best way to show surrounding are as well, proximity to amenities, land, and the entire neighborhood.

4. Allows to show and market the house from a unique perspective.

5. Adds another level of marketing potential that still real estate photos (even high quality and professional ones) simply cannot provide.

6. Allows to sell houses faster and for the better price.

7. Budget friendly and more affordable than an old school aerial photography; perfect for any property, even if you are on a budget.

8. Better views of big homes and backyards; a unique angle of the house make your photo Instagram-worthy. In the end, drone aerial photos are those that are shared and pinned the most.

9. Offers a more personal view of the property.

10. Allows you to create a tour of the town, which is a desirable and unique feature that allows potential buyers who don’t know the area to explore a new town.

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Applications of Drone Aerial Photography:

The majority of consumers are tech savvy nowadays and respond better to marketing techniques that meet the latest real estate trends. According to 2017 consumer housing trends report, this year a lot of millennials will be shopping for homes. Since they are looking for areas closer to urban centers and pay a lot of attention to neighborhood and amenities nearby, drone aerial photography provides a bird’s eye view of a potential home, at the same time showing off unique features of the house and surrounding area.

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Aerial photos and videos have more applications than you might think. It’s potentially beneficial for your real estate marketing for some reasons, but mainly because it’s the best way to show off every angle of your property and surrounding area. Real estate aerial photography services can show potential buyers a lot of things they want to see, including:

1. map style views that show the entire property and land

2. all angles of the property, including its layout, unique features, and property line

3. the neighborhood and surrounding area

4. the home’s proximity to amenities such as a local school, amazing park, or a grocery store

5. a unique and slightly raised angle of the house that makes your photos look professional and more visually appealing

Done aerial photography benefits real estate marketing greatly because it’s an affordable, trendy, and innovative technology. Today, aerial photography become increasingly common, as the FAA simplify the rules as well as issue more permits to professional photographers and real estate agents. While using drones still spark some degree of controversy, the demand is drastically increasing.

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