Finding Your Inner Photographer: Making the Most of Your Camera

An article by Rebecca Moses: At 12 Point we don’t just love video we love photos too.  But many people who want to get into photography don’t really know much about the wonderful craft and it’s inner workings. This wonderful article by Rebecca E. Moses is a perfect way to start. 

I Want A New Camera!!

Many people ask me “Kevin, I want to get a DSLR style camera but which one should I get?” This article from CNet covers that question with a great selection of cameras with low to high price ranges.

Building a 4K video editing PC

With all the new hardware out there is it better to build your on editing system or buy a pre-built one? At 12 Point we wanted to know as we are about to make the dreaded “Upgrade” to our systems. This article from Provideo Coalition is a great place to start. 

The Secret Guide to Video and SEO

SEO and VIDEO go Hand in Hand. But you’ve go to know what you are doing. At 12 Point we know video but what we didn’t know about video and SEO shooks us up a bit. Here is a great article from that sheds some light on video and SEO.

Is Video Sexy? Yep, but Sexy Costs Money

Top 3 “Need to Knows” Before Hiring a Video Production Company It goes back to that old saying, We offer three kinds of services. Fast, Cheap, Good But you can only have two.

10 Video Production-saving Accessories

What do you do when you have a run and gun shoot but only two hands? (meaning you don’t have any help).  Here is a great article from Videomaker to help with just that.